Accounting, Tax and Reporting Solutions

Are you happy with your current Accountant? Are they delivering value add for your business and providing the information you need at the right time? Our team partners with our clients to help resolve any issues that they are experiencing relating to their accounting, tax and/or reporting matters. 

Asena can also support the finance function of your business with a full suite of accounting and tax services.  We offer a partial and/or end-to-end solution enabling you to focus on your core business and your customers.

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Our Services Include:


  • Bookkeeping services on a timely basis as agreed on a periodic basis ensuring you have clean and accurate data to make the right decisions on.
  • Preparation and submission of your end of year Statutory Financial Accounts to HMRC and Companies House.


  • Corporate, Partnership and Personal Tax returns and Value Add Tax submissions.


  • Monthly Management Accounts including group consolidation (if applicable).
  • Creation and management of Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”).
  • Timely management and cashflow reporting.

We are trusted advisors, partners and team players for our SME clients to help navigate through the next phase of their evolution, new journey or challenge that lies ahead. We understand the need to ensure your business has the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

Implementation of measurable KPIs for the creation of management reporting packs. Linking KPIs to timely decisions and extracting insights from data is crucial for month to month running of a business. We can help establish relevant KPIs for your business. We are passionate about our approach in helping clients consistently make better decisions with accurate data/information.

Whatever your needs we can find the right solution leaving you to focus on running the business.