Business Visibility & KPI's

Understanding Your Business - KPIs

One route to business success is knowing the numbers and current position. We live in a world where accessible, accurate and reliable data is crucial for timely decision-making and future success. Equally how the data is validated, presented and interpreted can shape informed decisions.

Our CFO and board advisory expertise allows us to assess information requirements (both financial and non-financial information), implement KPI metrics (performance measurements) and use different analytics tools to give important data insights right across the business. Added business visibility often translates into effective decisions.

Unlocking Data and Information

Business Visibility & Board Governance

Asena can help establish board governance, reporting frameworks and KPI metrics to significantly improve visibility across all locations, business units, functional areas and project initiatives. We also partner / coach business owners and senior leadership teams on board reporting, developing KPI dashboards and key insights / analysis to understand the implications of decisions (financial and non-financial). 

Challenging KPIs, acting upon information and knowing a true transparent financial / commercial position can help drive future plans, manage risk and even deliver a competitive advantage going forward.

Defining KPI & Board Reporting Metrics

Linking KPIs to strategy and extracting insights from data is fundamental. One key element is knowing how to clearly define KPI metrics, embed reporting processes and improve board-level visibility through analytics dashboards and board reporting packs. 

Embedding KPI analytics must be relevant to the company across all business, financial commercial and operational areas in addition to the executive board. Some KPIs will be strategic in nature, others will be operational. Asena can assist in all aspects of board governance, developing robust KPIs and implementing fit for purpose reporting frameworks.