Interim CFO & Board Advisory

To succeed in today’s world, companies must continually adapt

Success in today’s world means companies must continually adapt, innovate or reinvent business models. Our CFO leadership and board advisory services partner business owners and senior leadership teams to deliver strategic focus, future vision and decision-making clarity and accountability.

This is all aligned to changing priorities or challenges faced in uncertain economic times. How can we help your company set the strategic agenda, future roadmap (vision), drive forward initiatives or solve problems?

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Asena: Taking Your Business To Unexpected Heights

CFO Leadership & Board Advisory Expertise

Our expertise allows us to analyse companies at pace, review business models and deliver a strategic assessment of all activities, functions and capabilities. This includes reviewing key business drivers, financial position (KPI analysis), commercial performance and operational capabilities to really understand the DNA of our client companies.

This where our expertise comes into play. From this we can identify strategic options, deep dive scenarios and find ways to drive businesses forward with a fresh approach, new innovative mindset or adapting to changing realities such as succeeding in a post-COVID-19 world.

Business & Leadership Tools for Success

Our objective is to give companies all the tools for success. We provide structure, discipline and a clear way forward by challenging existing business models, improving visibility (KPIs and board reporting packs) and strengthening board governance to take informed strategic and tactical decisions. Our expertise allows us to partner senior leadership teams on how to scrutinise scenarios, constructively challenge thinking and understand implications of decisions (financial and non-financial) ready for setting the strategic agenda going forward.

Supporting Your Business

Let us support your business. Whether it is growing sales, investing in R&D / innovation, solving cash flow issues, attracting talent (senior leadership appointments), developing senior leaders (board-level coaching), taking portfolio decisions or focusing on commercial strategy, we can find the right solution.

We have a four-stage winning approach.