R&D Tax Relief

Government Support For R&D Businesses

Asena supports businesses with a strong R&D focus through the R&D Tax Relief Scheme offered by the UK Government. As an established R&D Tax Consultant, we are able to offer specialist guidance on applying for R&D Tax Relief to help unlock additional cash for funding R&D / innovation and ease overall cash flow pressures on the business.

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Maximise R&D Funding & Opportunities

Scheme Benefits

Profit making businesses can claim R&D tax relief to reduce the company’s corporation tax bill. Loss-making firms can receive tax credit or repayable R&D expenditure credits to improve cash flow position or provide additional funds to reinvest in the company.

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With impacts of COVID-19 businesses need to find viable funding streams or tax relief schemes to maintain or even accelerate research and development activities. We have a 100% success rate for R&D tax relief claims, so how can Asena help your business?

Call or email us today to discuss your requirements and eligibility. Recommend other eligible businesses to Asena and mutually benefit from our referral programme.

R&D Tax Relief

In 2000, the UK Government / HMRC introduced a scheme encouraging scientific and technological innovation allowing companies to claim R&D Tax Credits (or R&D Tax Relief Refunds) in the form of a cash payment or tax deduction for eligible firms investing in developing products, processes or services. Many businesses are unaware of the scheme, which has been operating for more than 20 years. Asena can therefore help companies benefit from the full extent of the scheme and claim back associated R&D costs.

Eligibility & Submitting Maximum R&D Claims

At the outset businesses might be unsure whether R&D projects are feasible or even possible to achieve the desired outcome. This could be down to resolving technological uncertainties or undertaking qualifying R&D investigations. Not all R&D projects are successful so we can help businesses navigate through these issues to ensure eligibility and submit a maximum R&D claim.

Full Details & Eligibility Criteria